Locked in with… Eliot Saxton, Managing Director, Essential Projects


Locked in with… Eliot Saxton, Managing Director, Essential Projects

Eliot Saxton | Essential Projects

Our inspirational MD, Eliot Saxton recently caught up with The Business Desk East Midlands, to talk life in lockdown and what he’d been doing to occupy his time.

Who are you locked-in with?
Anna, my girlfriend who is a doctor of microbiology at the QMC. She is dividing her time between lab and hospital wards whilst I’m safely locked in at home. Oh, and my crazy dog, Rufus, a Labrador retriever. He’s now coming up to two years old, and getting big and boisterous,

How has the lockdown and working from home been for you so far?
I’m getting lots of work and household jobs done, and the garden is looking great.

What has been the best thing about staying in?
I’ve bought a piano and have rekindled a childhood hobby of reading music and playing my favourite tunes. I’m also sampling some wines from around the world. I did an essentials shop in anticipation of lockdown and decided to stock up on brands and varieties of wine that I have not tried before to make my evening tipple more fun. It’s a shame the food and wine pairing involves having to do my own cooking though.

And what have you missed the most?
Two things really. I had a skiing holiday booked to Banff in Canada that I was really looking forward. This trip seems ill fated as I had to miss out last year as I damaged my knee! I’m also missing going for rides on my motorbike. I use it to commute to work, but as that’s now home I can’t really get out as its not essential travel!

What previously essential thing have you realised is not actually essential?
Got to be careful what I say here, being as my two businesses are called Essential Fabrications & Essential Projects… both of which are obviously essential!  Seriously though, when you have close family working as part of the front line in the NHS, you very quickly appreciate health is the one and only essential to wish for.

What are the changes you’ve made that you plan on continuing when restrictions are lifted?
I’ll definitely continue to play the piano, and I think I will try to use technology more to keep in touch with people in order to reduce travel time and do my bit for the environment.

Have you made progress on any of your bucket list items?
Well, skiing in Banff was my big bucket list item, so no!

What is the first thing you will do when isolation ends?
I am going to go to my favourite restaurant and treat Anna and myself to an exquisite meal that we have not had to cook, and a bottle of their best wine!


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