Can Essential Projects manage your project?


Can Essential Projects manage your project?

One of Essential Projects strengths is our capability and reputation for being able to manufacture bespoke products made from metalwork and glass. Aligned to these skills is our expertise in project management and our ability to manage the entire process, from design, planning and dealing with building regulations as well as the manufacture and installation process.

At Essential Projects we work alongside other professionals such as architects, structural engineers, joiners, and other independent contractors, which gives Essential Projects the capabilities to manage the entirety of a project from the outset.

Essential Projects Project ManagementTraditionally a domestic client or building contractor working for a client who wants to install a new balcony, staircase or other building works would need to contact an architect or lots of different contractors and consultants to complete the work, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Normally a project would start by applying for planning and building regulations, and then once approved, hire an engineer to provide structural calculations that meet building regulations and then contract a builder or a fabricator to carry out the work. This involves lots of time and knowledge of building schedules.

Instead of managing this process yourself, which can be very costly and time consuming, with many potential pitfalls to avoid, particularly if you have never managed a build project before and are uncertain about what to do, why not let Essential Projects relieve your burden?

We have the experience and knowledge to manage the whole process. This provides our clients with a more cost effective and expert solution that reduces risk, saves times and money and provides the client with one single point of contact. We also work alongside expert health and safety consultants to ensure that all works are completed in a safe and controlled manner.

Quite frequently when we receive enquiries, our clients are completely unaware of a lot of the issues that need to be addressed. This is where our knowledge of local authority planning and building control regulations really comes to the fore and we can provide the client with a full scale, turnkey solution, managing the design process, the planning phase and the manufacture, build and install phase.

We are in our element either working alongside a building contractor or a domestic client, who is looking for someone to manage the entire process of a small-scale project.

If you would like to discuss how we can expertly manage your project, please get in touch.


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