Why install a glass staircase in your residential property?


Why install a glass staircase in your residential property?

A feature glass staircase is a product that will look good in any environment, but in a home setting, it can really be a show stopping product that really sets your interior design apart from others.

If you’re looking to create a modern aesthetically pleasing home, then using glass as your primary material should really top your list of considerations when designing your homes layout.

It goes without saying that the primary purpose of any staircase is to aid the process of navigating the different levels of a building, therefore the design of your staircase must be practical first and foremost……that doesn’t mean the design has to be boring though.

A bespoke feature glass staircase will undoubtedly give your home a clean, bright and modern appearance that is incredibly easy to maintain.

At Essential Projects, our glass staircases are bespoke manufactured, meaning that we can meet any design specifications you may have, that suits the needs of your home. We make sure that our clients are fully engaged during the design phase to ensure that both parties are on the same and the finished product exceeds expectations.

Commenting, Eliot Saxton, Managing Director of Essential Projects said “Early engagement with a specialist like Essential Projects, as part of the design team will ensure that the end result maximises safety, durability and aesthetics, all within budgetary constraints. We then agree time scales to guarantee that we manufacture and install the glass staircase on time, every time.”

Essential Projects uses innovative materials, efficient processes, cutting edge techniques and design-led solutions to drive down the costs of your project without compromising on quality or delivery timescales.

To view an example of an Essential Projects, bespoke feature staircase in a residential setting, please click here.

If you want to add a bespoke feature glass staircase in your residential property, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0115 975 5787 or email us at sales@essentialprojects.co.uk

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