Why install a bespoke glass staircase in your restaurant?


Why install a bespoke glass staircase in your restaurant?

Glass Staircases for restaurants

Differentiating a restaurant has become increasingly difficult, thanks to the variety of different cuisines now available that potential customers have to choose from.

Serving up delicious food and combining this with excellent service are the obvious front runners to achieving this point of differentiation, however great interior design and creating the right dining ambience also has an effect on the decision as to where people choose to dine and can therefore help you to attract customers and ensure your restaurant is successful.

More and more restauranteurs are choosing to install features such as glass shopfront systems, glass balustrades and glass staircases as a way to differentiate their offer, attract footfall and increase diner appeal for a variety of different reasons

Glass staircases in particular have become increasingly prominent, thanks to their ability to be combined with a mezzanine flooring system, which helps owners increase the number of covers they can accommodate.

Glass staircases also allow natural light to pass through them, which gives off the impression that your restaurant space is bigger than it actually is. This feature helps to create the right first impression with potential customers, and helps to create the right ambiance.

Perhaps the most important feature of using glass related products, like a bespoke glass staircase is because they are incredibly easy to maintain as they do not attract dust or dirt, meaning that you can always ensure hygiene standards are kept at a high level.

If your restaurant spans over two floors, a feature glass staircase also helps provide you with functional access between the different levels, possibly for toilet access or an upstairs kitchen facility.

At Essential Projects, our glass staircases are bespoke manufactured, meaning that we can meet any design specifications you may have, that suits the needs of your home. We make sure that our clients are fully engaged during the design phase to ensure that both parties are on the same and the finished product exceeds expectations.

Commenting, Eliot Saxton, Managing Director of Essential Projects said “Early engagement with a specialist like Essential Projects, as part of the design team will ensure that the end result maximises safety, durability and aesthetics, all within budgetary constraints. We then agree time scales to guarantee that we manufacture and install the glass staircase on time, every time.”

To view an example of an Essential Projects, bespoke feature staircase in a restaurant setting, please click here.

If you want to add a bespoke feature glass staircase in your restaurant, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0115 975 5787 or email us at sales@essentialprojects.co.uk


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