Do you need to outsource any metalwork fabricating projects this Christmas?


Do you need to outsource any metalwork fabricating projects this Christmas?

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With Christmas right around the corner, is your business struggling to meet a December deadline due to an increased demand for your metalwork components? 

At Essential Projects we are proud of our ability to assist many businesses within the manufacturing sector to fabricate bespoke metalwork during periods of high demand.

In the past we have been commissioned for one off projects, retained for more permanent contracts and also contracted during busy periods like Christmas, when an extra pair of trustworthy hands is required to meet project deadlines.

The combination of expertise within Essential Projects and our sister company Essential Fabrications means there is very little that we can’t fabricate if it involves metalwork. 

Why outsource your fabrication requirements? 

We work across a variety of sectors and can provide a comprehensive turnkey solution, delivered by an expert team that is fully trained to work according to all health and safety and building standards.  

Outsourcing fabrication to a trusted specialist third party helps to maintain high standards and also helps to prevent workforces from being pushed too hard and therefore forced to compromise on the end finish of the product in order to meet a time deadline. This approach also helps to improve staff morale and ensures that the manufactured product is delivered to the end client in a timely fashion.

Our metal fabricators are fully skilled and able to read and interpret engineering diagrams and blueprints. We use modern techniques and mechanical engineering fabrication software and equipment to ensure our metalwork meets the exact design specifications.

From brackets, to pipework, staircases, refuse cages, handrails and balustrade, if it is made in metal or glass, we can help.

If your business is working at full capacity and you are in need of outsourced fabrication, or you have an unusual project needing our specialist expertise, please contact us.


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