Glass Balustrades


Glass Balustrades

Sometimes glass balustrade systems are a legal requirement, sometimes they’re a practical necessity. Either way, their aesthetic effect can make your building or design project look much more appealing.

Whether you want your glass balustrade design with stainless steel handrail and posts, framed or frameless, featuring stainless steel infills or a steel wired system – Essential Projects has the skills to design and manufacture a design that is bespoke to your exact requirements.

Everything we manufacture is custom made with finishing options that include polished, brushed, painted or galvanised – the choice is yours.


Product Sectors

Glass Balustrade for Cinemas

A day out spent at the cinema, watching the latest new movie to hit the box office is an experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Accommodating, such an age difference does create an array of challenges though when it comes to meeting health and safety compliance.

Glass Balustrade for Hotels

The hospitality sector is one of the most competitive industries to be in, and a hotel that looks tired and old fashioned can have a significant impact on the financial stability of your business – and your Tripadvisor rating!

Glass Balustrade for Offices

Your office space is important. A stylish interior can inspire your employees to deliver the productivity and innovative ideas need to help your company grow.

Glass Balustrade for Universities

In the UK, schools, colleges and universities come in all shapes and sizes, but regardless of size, students, staff and visitors, all require safe access and movement around the campus buildings.

Glass Balustrade for Retail

Not sure where to get started with your store layout and retail design? Designing your retail interior is a never-ending process and the choices you make can be the difference between converting a sale or not.

Glass Balustrade for Residential Properties

When designing the interior to your property it is important to think of your house as a totality, as spaces linked by halls and stairways. Therefore, we think that a common style or theme should run throughout and in our opinion, glass, in the form of glass balustrades and glass staircases are a great way to elevate your homes internal appearance.

Glass Balustrades for Restaurants

A glass balustrade installed in your restaurant can help you create a modern and contemporary clean look, certain to impress your restaurant guests.

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