Glass Balustrade for Offices


Glass Balustrade for Offices

glass balustrade for offices

Your office space is important. A stylish interior can inspire your employees to deliver the productivity and innovative ideas needed to help your company grow.

When it comes to designing office layout, many things must be considered, from furniture to desk arrangements to lighting, but what is important is that your office projects an image that is clean and professional to your employees and visitors alike.

In that respect, designing your working environment can definitely be overwhelming but also exciting in many ways.

If you want to create a professional, aesthetically pleasing office space, a glass balustrade system must be considered for many reasons.


A well-designed office shows that you have taken the time to invest in your business, its people and customers. There are many ways in which you can get the right look to your office and using a frameless glass balustrade is one of them.

It has been said natural light helps people see things better and inspires creativity. Using glass balustrades in your offices helps to bounce and reflect light about a space which is great in stairwells where natural light can be at a premium.

Glass balustrade solutions are also simple to design and easy to fit, but what is important is that they perform an essential role in keeping your workers safe.

Balustrades need to be rigid and robust but there needs to be a certain amount of flex in the system as such that they can be installed, both inside and outside of your office space to help you meet the required DDA compliant legislation.

Once professionally installed, the glass balustrade will continue to deliver a barrier that will protect any user from falling off a feature staircase, balcony or mezzanine platform.

The cleanliness of your office is vital to the health and well-being of your staff and customers and as a final benefit, a glass balustrade is very easy to clean and maintain.


We are designers first, and use CAD and 3D design visual software and our own practical experience to bring your project to life, as well as to resolve any issues that may arise during the fit-out phase. We provide stunning bespoke solutions in mild steel, stainless steel, and can incorporate finishing effects that include carbon fibre, granite, glass, timber, ceramics and other exciting new materials. Choose Essential Projects, and you are ensuring the highest quality of finish.

Essential Projects uses innovative materials, efficient processes, cutting edge techniques and design-led solutions to drive down the costs of your project without compromising on quality or delivery timescales.

When we agree on project timescales we guarantee delivery on time and on budget, every time. Ours is a 100% reliable service that you can trust, even on the most challenging projects.

Our team is experienced and passionate about what we do. We employ our own in-house fabricators, designers and technical experts, as well as two in-house on-site installation crews. The installation team is fully Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) accredited and Construction, Design & Management (CDM) compliant. Our staff receive ongoing training in H&S and in the use of specialist equipment.

We also vet all our suppliers to ensure they meet industry standards and provide the very latest equipment. Choose Essential Projects, and you are guaranteeing 100% professionalism.


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