Glass Canopies


Glass Canopies

Of course, glass canopies have a practical application, such as providing protection to walkways and entrances. But when designed innovatively and installed with expertise, a feature glass canopy becomes an eye-catching piece of architecture and can create a stunning focal point to a residential or commercial project.

All our canopies are custom made and our approach to your project will be entirely bespoke.

Having received your design brief, our engineers will visit your site to carry out a detailed survey. From this, we’ll create a 3D CAD drawing and prepare technical drawings so that the finished project can be fully visualised and manufactured to fit perfectly.  By doing this, we ensure that all the glass canopies we manufacture meet all the design specifications, are health and safety compliant and can be installed without any technical hiccups.

We are extremely proud that our glass canopies have been installed to the storefront of many of the UK’s largest retailers such as Next and Oakfurnitureland.



Product Sectors

Glass Canopies for Cinemas

A day spent at the cinema is always going to be a memorable affair. It is a day out that can be enjoyed by all and no matter the age, all want to have the best customer experience. That starts from the moment they arrive at the cinema complex and the first impression that is given when they look at your external façade.

Glass Canopies for Hospitals

Providing adequate shelter at entrance areas and where patients and visitors are likely to congregate at your hospital or healthcare centre is vitally important. A glass canopy will help to ensure that your patients are protected from weather conditions whilst being treated or visiting your facility.

Glass Canopies for Hotels

The hotel sector has become an extremely competitive industry following the creation of online booking sites. An attractive looking exterior façade and entrance can sometimes be the difference as to whether a potential patron chooses to stay at your hotel or a venue down the road.

Glass Canopies for Offices

Creating the right first impression, is vital for any business. The exterior of your commercial office is quite often the first impression, a current customer or a future employee or customer will notice about your business. Investing in your office design, directly affects how your staff perform within the workplace.

Glass Canopies for Retail

The exterior design of your retail space can have a major impact on whether a potential customer chooses to enter your store or not. It is isn’t just catchy marketing campaigns that entice customers into store but sometimes the practicality of a store that is covered by a glass canopy can help to increase footfall, particularly in a bid to avoid getting wet.

Glass Canopies for Universities

For any young person making the all-important decision over which University to attend, one of the first factors that will enter their mind, is the visual appearance of that particular building in which they will study. Yes education is important, but all students want to be educated in the very best facilities and be at a University that continuously invests in its appearance.

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