Glass Staircases


Glass Staircases

We have installed our signature metal, stainless steel and stunning glass staircases in a wide range of locations including some the UK’s largest retail stores, as well within residential properties where a decorative stairwell is to become a focal point of the interior design.

We’ve even designed and manufactured them as centerpieces for concert stages, incorporating mezzanine floors and LED lighting!

A well-designed feature staircase complemented by a glass balustrade will certainly add an aesthetically pleasing touch and deliver the required ambiance. Our expertise allows us to manufacture both straight edge staircases as well as more complex spiral stairs and 90 degree turn staircases. We are able to offer a range of tread finishes, such as solid wood, and polished or painted metal.

All our metalwork is manufactured in house by our specialist team of engineers who have extensive experience fabricating bespoke metal staircases.


Product Sectors

Glass Staircases for Cinemas

Whether you are catering for an old fashioned 50’s style cinema or a more modern multiplex screen, cinemas are typically designed to with movie theatres on multiple storeys. The use of glass staircases to compliment the provision of lifts and escalators can be a very useful alternative means to reach each floor whilst also adding a practical and decorative effect.

Glass Staircases for Hospitals

Hospitals are no longer the dark and dreary places that we have come to know and despise. Instead they are now being designed with a clear emphasis on improving space and promoting the feeling of airiness. Using glass products and in particular glass staircases has helped to facilitate this change in order to create less intimidating and easier to navigate hospitals.

Glass Staircases for Hotels

Hotel owners will place the appearance of their hotel as high as striving to achieve high levels of customer service. Nothing sets the tone of a hotel more than its decorative look, and a feature glass staircase can help to convey a modern and welcoming ambiance and help to create the desired first impression.

Glass Staircases for Offices

If you want the create a modern, aesthetically pleasing office setting, a bespoke glass staircase installed in your office, should be top of the list for consideration and would make an ideal centre piece for a welcoming atrium or reception foyer.

Glass Staircases for Retail

Depending on the size of the retail space or if you have plans for expansion in the future with the installation of mezzannine floor, a feature glass staircase should be a key component of the layout of your retail store.

Glass Staircases for Universities

Students want to be educated in the best available facilities and with so many higher education institutions to choose from, it is imperative that the internal and external features of the university reflect the positive learning environment that students are looking for.

Glass Staircases for Residential Properties

Regardless of the type of space you’re decorating, there’s nothing more important than paying attention to the fine details of your home interior design. A key lynch pin that is sure to be the focal point of your home is the design of your internal glass staircase.

Glass Staircases for Restaurants

Restauranteurs are choosing to use glass staircases for restaurants they own to help attract new customers and improve sales.

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