Loughborough Magistrates Court

Loughborough Magistrates Court
Arc Business Interiors
Final Contract Value
Completion Date
January 2022

Project Brief

As part of a £2.7m revamp of Loughborough Magistrates Court, Essential Projects was recently required to install bespoke structural steelwork.

The ‘super courtroom’ has been refurbished to create the space needed to hold trials and thus freeing up capacity elsewhere in the courts system. The new court will allow up to extra 250 cases a year to be heard across England and Wales and will host trials for offences that have a large number of defendants including county lines drug trafficking, murders, and money laundering.

This comes as £1billion has been allocated to the Ministry of Justice in the spending review to boost capacity and accelerate post-pandemic recovery.

The essential solution

As part of the revamp, Essential Projects was contracted by Arc Business Interiors to manufacture, supply and install bespoke structural steelwork, needed to support the new erected Court docks.

Essential Projects was also required to remove an existing bracing structure within the courtroom and replace it with new structural steelwork.

Within a UK court room there needs to be a clear line of sight from the prisoner docks to the judges’ bench. The original bracing structure restricted this viewing requirement and therefore an alternative solution would have been to install a number of cameras and screens around the courtroom. This was not the preferred solution due to cost, the ongoing maintenance requirements, and compliance issues related to having CCTV installed.

It was decided that the more effective option would be to remove the existing bracing structure and replace it with a reconfigured structure which would enable the judge to have a clean line of sight with the defendant.

In order to allow the removal of the existing bracing structure, Essential Projects firstly installed additional bracing around specific areas of the courtroom and then installed the new steelwork.


This new super courtroom will be an important asset to the local community. Due to the high-profile nature of the building, it was imperative that the metalwork supplied for the project was of the highest quality and installed in a timely manner, so as to not disturb any court proceedings. Essential Projects were a very reliable partner on this project.

Ady Hurry, Project Manager at Arc Business Interiors

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