One stop shop for reconfiguring the interiors of industrial units


One stop shop for reconfiguring the interiors of industrial units

Steel staircases for offices

You may have noticed new commercial sites are popping up right across the UK, offering a range of industrial units to buy or lease. Whilst this is great for economic growth, sometimes these premises aren’t immediately ready to be occupied because their internal space needs configuring to the needs of the business using the space.

Sometimes business owners or commercial property agents want to make greater use of the available space, particularly if there is plenty of room height, by installing a mezzanine platform system to provide an upper level with more storage space or to create an office or meeting rooms.

Traditionally when a refit is required individual contractors will be sourced for the specialist elements of the refit. These separate projects may include:

•              the installation of the mezzanine,

•              Installing a staircase to access the mezzanine

•              Installing balustrade elements to prevent falls from height

This approach can be costly and present a logistical nightmare to the person having to co-ordinate the activities of multiple contractors involved with each aspect.

At Essential Projects we have the expertise and personnel to provide a one stop shop and install all elements of the refit as part of package deal. This is usually much more cost effective than contracting project teams from three different companies who will each have to cost the job, prepare and approve technical specification drawings, source materials – and then transport and project manage their part project.

Over the past year, Essential Projects has seen an increased demand for this one stop shop approach.

We have a fantastic reputation for installing mezzanine floors, glass and steel staircases as well as balustrade in a wide variety of materials.

We have worked for number of the UK’s leading businesses and retailers, including Next Plc and other logistics and warehousing operations.

We are able to design, manufacture and install all types of bespoke metalwork and glass. Our service includes a free site survey to understand your needs and take accurate measurements to ensure the new structures you require can be installed in a cost effective and timely manner.

If you like more information about our bespoke package offering, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0115 975 5787 or email us at


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