Site Operating Procedures During Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Site Operating Procedures During Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Site Operating Procedures | Covid-19 | Essential Projects

In order to protect our personnel when working on site, Essential Projects has implemented a number of rigorous operating procedures in order to comply with government guidelines and industry recommendations aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

These include construction industry related guidelines published on the website and those issued by the Construction Leadership Council.

There is no doubt, we are working under exceptional circumstances and the construction industry must comply with the latest Government advice on Coronavirus at all times. In order to play our part in helping to get the country back up and running we have consulted with our staff and our customers to ensure everyone understands these guidelines and is comfortable with their working environment.

Where possible and when approval has been granted by the main contractor, Essential Projects has continued to work on projects to install bespoke architectural metalwork and glasswork, but only where we have been confident that social distancing is possible.

The health and safety requirements of any construction activity must not be compromised at this time and that is why the operating procedures we have implemented are also based on Public Health England (PHE) guidance.

Rest assured that we will not compromise the safety on anyone working on the site of our projects. If we are unable to comply with these guidelines, then Essential Projects will not continue to work one these sites until such time as it is safe to do so. 

We will remain vigilant and will be constantly monitoring and reviewing our procedures to ensure they comply with Government and industry guidance.

If you have a project that requires architectural metalwork and glass, primary and secondary structural steelwork requirements, please feel free to contact us via 0115 975 5787 or


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